Koozie - 1
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Koozie - 2
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Koozie - 3
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Lindgren-Pitman 9/0 Swordfish
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Sale Price: $1.06
Alu-2.1mm Heavy Duplex - 25pcs
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Aluminum and Copper Crimping Sleeves are capable of holding the rated breaking strength of the material to which they are applied. Multiple sleeves can be used to increase the holding strength. To determine the exact holding strength, it is recommended to pull test prior to use. This will ensure safe and satisfactory performace for the intended use.

Electroreception Deception™ is our unique coated terminal tackle. This environmentally friendly polyester based coating provides an attractive, corrosion resistant finish without the use of solvents or heavy metals and it provides insulating properties to 1000 volts per mil.  It is quite durable, resisting sand and salt, however, teeth and pliers will scar and damage it.

These Hooks are coated with a white/off-white base that promotes the glow of a UV reactive additive. The sunlight is best but most UV lighting will quickly charge these hooks. The pictures are an accurate representation of the hooks initial brilliant glow which will fade to a long lasting low glow that is detectable 10-12 hours later.

All single strand wire comes in a large coil!

2/0 - 10 pcs
Price: $2.00
9/0 - 5 pcs
Price: $3.85
6/0 - 10 pcs
Price: $4.00