Texas Tiger Shark Report

I like to get the shack beach board to start my adventure...

It's late afternoon on Wednesday before Memorial Day weekend. I plan to fish a couple days and head home before the crowds show up. The north end was weeded out just as the recent reports had said but the south end was said to be fishable. By sunset I was down in the 30s, the beach still unfishable. The conditions were forecast to improve overnight so I camped for the night.

The next day the fog hung around till mid morning. I was slowly moving south, kinda road hunting. Once the fog burnt off it would be a great day, I wasted the morning away traveling south.

By mid day the sun was shining. There was less weed on the beach and the surf looked clean and fishable. I was eager to take advantage of the conditions while they lasted.

Conditions continued to improve all afternoon. I had high hopes for an evening deployment but I was eager to get a big bait out.

By late afternoon I had small deployment out, a 3/4 Jack, its tail section, some fresh ladyfish, and live mullet for a fresh bait opportunity.

The little tail section rigged on a 20/0 circle hook got picked up agressively. Fish on! It was a strong heavy fish, I was convinced it was a big bull.

My first Texas Tiger taped out at about 102" with a 43" girth. Lots of contrast on this young girl, a real pretty shark.

She was fairly calm on the sand, I was able to get a Harte tag in her and get a DNA sample too.

And a healthy release!