24/0 CA (ED coated VG™) Circle Hook Midnight-Glow™ Drop - 5' Non-Offset

This is the Midnight-Glow™ edition in which the cable portion of the drop is blacked out and the hook is ED™(Electroreception Deception) Coating in VG™ (Voodoo-Glow). The 24/0 CA hook is made of strong high carbon steel. The Drop is composed of an ultra-high grade 900lb Stainless Steel Cable with unique HVCC (High Vinyl Compression Coating) Technology. The vinyl coating on this cable is ultra compact and durable, adding only a very little to the cable's overall diameter. Drop ends contain anti-hang protective coating on them.

The CA 24/0 drops are ideal for rigging medium/large baits, ideally in the end of a bait. This is the Non-Offset model

This item is for a single 5' 24/0 CA Midnight-Glow™ hook drop.

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