24/0 CA High Carbon Circle Hook ED Coated (BBR Red) - 5' Drop

The 24/0 CA (Catch All) Large Circle Hook has an additional Catch Sharks ED™(Electroreception Deception) Coating in BBR™ (Baitfish-Blood Red). The Drop is composed of top-grade AFW 3/32" 900# Stainless Steel Cable (with authentic core thread identifier). Drop ends are double crimped with anti-hang protective coating on them.

The 24/0 CA Drops are ideal for rigging larger baits - placing a single hook at the end of the bait. The CA hook is made with High Carbon Steel, thus these are some of the strongest circle hooks on the market!

This item is for a single drop to be used in conjunction with other Catch Sharks leaders with shackles or attaching mechanisms.

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