Owner Super Mutu 14/0 (ED Coated) Hook Drop - 5' (BBR - Red)

Owner Super Mutu hooks are regarded as the strongest and most reliable circle hooks on the planet. With Cutting Point Technology, hooks stay sharp longer. These 14/0 Mutu's have an additional Catch Sharks ED™(Electroreception Deception) Coating in BBR™ (Baitfish Blood Red). The Drop is top-grade AFW 3/32" 900# Stainless Steel Cable (with authentic core thread identifier). Drop ends are double crimped with protective anti-hang protective coating of them.

The Mutu 14/0 drops are ideal for rigging medium/large baits, at the end of the bait. With Mutu's, you don't have to worry about hooks straightening on the fish of a lifetime!

This item is for one (1) individual Jobu hook drop.

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Price: $12.95