Shark Envy™ Series 10' Casting Shark Leader

Shark Envy™ Series 10' Casting Shark Leader
Price: $12.95


The Shark Envy Series™ Casting Shark Leader is a NEW Catch Sharks Exclusive.

      This 10' envy-green leader is made with 550lb high-industrial quality monofilament and top-grade AFW 480lb Stainless Steel Cable. Leading front swivel is a 250lb Ball Bearing swivel. The bullet shape provides fluid rotation and decreased water resistance and is essential in eliminates line twist. Core link swivels are highest quality 6/0 barrel swivels. Cable connections have shock absorbing offshore loops and double crimped ends with compressed plastic covering for protection and elimination of stray line hang-ups. Hook is a non-offset Catch Sharks 16/0 High Carbon Steel circle hook. The hook is ED™ Coated in ME™ (Mako-Eye) Black. Stopper weight crimp is nearly half way on the leader, meant to hang your bait/hook on the weight to cast. Upon casting, the leader will straighten and free off the weight to a normal straight-line dimension. Total length of this casting leader is roughly 10'.