Osprey™ Drone Series - Raptor - 18/0 Tru-Sand™ 10'

Osprey™ Drone Series - Raptor - 18/0 Tru-Sand™ 10'
Price: $18.29


The Osprey™ Drone Series is a NEW Catch Sharks Exclusive.

      This 'Raptor' drone leader is made with 500lb Jet Black Industrial Grade Mono. Hook trace is made with genuine 210lb AFW Nylon Coated Surflon. Hook is an official Mustad 18/0 (39960) with Catch Sharks ED™ Coated in TS™ (Tru-Sand). This drone leader is compatible with all 'servo pin' drone release mechanisms and systems. Simply attach the leader to drone via the Catch Sharks OHT (Osprey Hang Trace - located coming off the weight swivel). This is an ideal rig for depolying out a variety of med size baits. Perfect for baits such as whiting, skipjack, or cut bait!  Total length of this drone leader is roughly 10'.

*Catch Sharks is not responsible for actions or drone failures when using Osprey leaders on your drones. Due to the nature of drone flying AND a payload, use at your own risk.