Shark Voodoo™ (Pygmy Edition) 20' Fixed 20/0 Voodoo-Glow™ Shark Leader

Shark Voodoo™ (Pygmy Edition) 20' Voodoo-Glow™ Shark Leader
Price: $27.95


Shark Voodoo Series™ (Pygmy Edition) Shark Leader is a NEW Catch Sharks Exclusive.

      This 18' 'black mojo' leader is made with 650lb jet black high-industrial quality monofilament and top-grade AFW 3/32" Stainless Steel Cable (with authentic core thread identifier). Leading front and core link swivel is a heavy duty 8/0 barrel swivel. This leader is a fixed-hook rig. The Hook is a Catch Sharks 20/0 Offset Hi-Carbon Steel bone colored which glows in the dark. The 20/0 Hook is ED™(Electroreception Deception) Coated in VG™ (Voodoo-Glow). Hook can be charged by sunlight or any UV light and last upwards of hours depending on the charge. Leader is constructed with shock absorbing offshore loops and double crimped ends with compressed plastic covering for protection and elimination of stray line hang-ups. Total length to hook is roughly 20'. This is the smaller 'Pygmy' version of the ultra mojo Black Magic leader!

The Shark Voodoo™ Pygmy Leader is ideal for easy rigging of medium baits for various sharks!