13/0 Eagle Claw Circle Sea L2004U - ED Coated™ 5 Pack (Tru-Sand™)

13/0 Eagle Claw Circle Sea L2004U - ED Coated™ 5 Pack
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Eagle claw, the Brand that started it all, remains the staple of today's value conscious fisherman. Eagle claw hooks are the only hooks made in the USA and are built with integrity, honesty and 85+ years of hook making experience and heritage. The eagle claw Brand remains the face of the company and one of the most widely recognized Brands in all of fishing. Eagle claw offers consumers an extremely price competitive product without compromising quality or attention to detail. Spanning both fresh and saltwater fishing, eagle claw provides anglers with numerous choices of hooks and terminal tackle for a whole array of species.

These quality 13/0 circle hooks have an additional durable Catch Sharks ED™ (Electroreception Deception) Coating.

Our ED™ Coating minimizes the UNNATURAL electromagnetic field that is normally given off by your standard uncoated hooks. Because of this, fish such as sharks hone in exclusively on the natural fields given off by the utilized live or fresh baits and not confused or deterred by unnatural charges or annomalies of the hook. This additional protective coating adds to the longevity of the hook delaying the rust process and creating a slick, natural feel.

Have the advantage with Catch Sharks ED™ Coated Hooks!

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