20/0 Non-Offset Circle Demon Drop - 4' (Baitfish Blood Red)

20/0 Non-Offset Circle Demon Drop - 4' (Baitfish Blood Red)
Price: $12.79


This Catch Sharks 20/0 Hi-Carbon Steel Non-Offset circle hook is a versatile and favorite amongs big-game shark and marlin fishermen. This hook is ED Coated in Catch Sharks Baitfish Blood Red™ Coating. The Drop is composed of an ultra-high grade 800lb Stainless Steel Cable with unique HVCC (High Vinyl Compression Coating) Technology. The vinyl coating on this cable is ultra compact and durable, adding only a very little to the cable's overall diameter. Drop ends contain anti-hang protective coating on them

This 20/0 Incognito drop is ideal for rigging a great variety of baits large and small. A truly versatile hook.

This item is for one 20/0 Non-Offset Demon Drop Hook drop.