Owner Jobu 12/0 (ED) Hook Drops - 5' - Set of 2 (ME Black)

Owner Jobu 12/0 Hook Drops - 5 Feet - Set of 2
Price: $19.95


Owner Jobu Big Game hooks are some of the strongest hooks on the planet. With Cutting Point Technology, hooks stay sharp longer. Resistance actually decreases as cutting point penetrates. These 12/0 Jobu's have an additional Catch Sharks ED™(Electroreception Deception) Coating in ME™ (Mako-Eye) Black. The Drops are top-grade AFW 3/32" 900# Stainless Steel Cable (with authentic core thread identifier). Drop ends are double crimped with protective anti-hang protective coating of them.

The Jobu 12/0 drops are ideal for rigging large baits such as ray and jackfish. With Jobu's, you don't have to worry about hooks straightening on the fish of a lifetime!

This item is for two (2) individual Jobu hook drops as a set.