DEPLOYMENT Leader - Hammer-Time™ Series (Surf-Saga Edition™) 32' Precision Tru-Sand™ Leader Set - 2x Drops

Hammer-Time™ Series (Surf-Saga Edition) 32' Precision Tru-Sand™ Leader Set - 2x Drops
Price: $48.95


Surf-Saga™ (Hammer-Time Edition™) Shark Leader Set is a NEW Catch Sharks Exclusive.

      This 32' 'Hammer-Time' Precision leader is made with 700lb Ultra-Clear high quality monofilament and ultra-high grade 800lb Stainless Steel Cable with unique HVCC (High Vinyl Compression Coating) Technology in sand color. Leading front swivel, and connecting swivels are all new 1000lb Catch Sharks Hydro-dynamic Streamline Heavy Duty Ball Bearing swivel. The unique low profile streamline shape provides minimum drag decreasing water resistance and eliminates line twist. This a 'Precision' leader with a stainless shackle in Tru-Sand™ to connect your rigged shark drop(s). Leader is constructed with protective Stainless Steel Thimbles and with compressed plastic covering for protection and elimination of stray line hang-ups. Total length to shackle is roughly 32'. This is an ideal, all around leader to target anything medium in size to monsterous!

This leader set comes with two separate Catch Sharks 5' hook drops. The hooks are Mustad 39960-DT 20/0 (larger than our 20/0 Hi-Carbon hooks)  and are ED™ (Electroreception Deception) Coated in TS (Tru-Sand™). These hooks go through a unique Catch Sharks Barb-Reduction™ process. Our barb-reduction helps provide better hookups on larger sharks where the hook may penetrate the jaw directly instead of around. The barb-reduction also makes hook removal much easier simply by twisting the hook out. Currently and for future propositions, this non-offset, non-stainless 20/0 circle hook is 100% legal under TPWD and FWC shark fishing regulations.

The Exclusive Catch Sharks Tru-Sand™ coating highly resembles sand with 3d design allowing the hook and other components become virtually camoflauge in the water.

The Surf-Saga Leader (Hammer-Time Edition™) Shark Leader set is ideal for being as stealthy as possible in all surf conditions with creating the most streamline application possible! Make sure you have the edge over the competition and use Hammer-Time Series™ leaders only available at!