Electroreception Deception™

Electroreception Deception™ is our uniquely coated hooks and coated terminal tackle. This environmentally friendly polyester based coating provides an attractive, corrosion resistant finish without the use of solvents or heavy metals and it provides insulating properties to 1000 volts per mil. Sharks use electroreception to detect minimal fluctuating pulses in magnetic energy of live or struggling prey. Our theory is to mask as much of the 'unnatural' magnetic field of the metallic components as possible.  It is quite durable, resisting sand and salt, however, teeth and pliers will scar and damage it. We provide a variety of exclusive custom colors to accomodate and aid in the most optimal tackle strategies.

ME : Mako Eye Black™
BBR:  Baitfish Blood Red™
TS:    Tru-Sand™
VG:   Voodoo-Glow™
JG:   Jackfish Gradient™
OWB:   Open Water Blue™
BCP:    Blue Crab Pattern™
LM:    Lit Mahi™
PS:    Pink Seductress™