Owner Jobu 12/0 Big Game Hook ED Coated™ 2 Pack - Tru-Sand ED Coating

Owner Jobu 12/0 Big Game Hook ED Coated™ 2 Pack
Price: $21.95


Owner Jobu Big Game hooks are some of the strongest hooks on the planet. With Cutting Point Technology, hooks stay sharp longer. Resistance actually decreases as cutting point penetrates. The Jobu 12/0 hooks are ideal for rigging large baits such as ray and jackfish. With Jobu's, you don't have to worry about hooks straightening on the fish of a lifetime!

These hooks all have the Catch Sharks ED Coating™.

Our ED™ Coating minimizes the UNNATURAL electromagnetic field that is normally given off by your standard uncoated hooks. Because of this, fish such as sharks hone in exclusively on the natural fields given off by the utilized live or fresh baits and not confused or deterred by unnatural charges or annomalies of the hook. This additional protective coating adds to the longevity of the hook delaying the rust process and creating a slick, natural feel.

Have the advantage with Catch Sharks ED™ Coated Hooks!