Coquina Sunrise POMP-Master Precision Leaders - TS (Tru-Sand™) - 2 Pack

Coquina Sunrise POMP-Master Precision Leaders - TS (Tru-Sand™) - 2 Pack
Price: $16.79


The Coquina Sunrise POMP-Master™ Castable Pompano Leader is a NEW Catch Sharks Exclusive!

      This simple and ultra effective casting leader is optimized purely for pompano and other small/medium surf fish. Unlike other over-eccentric pompano rigs on the market, this one is NOT jam packed with bling and accessories - just the perfect amount for visual luring. This leader is designed to be the most optimal low-profile design on the market. The Cocquina Sunrise is a successful double drop leader utilizing two Catch Sharks Ultra-Carbon 3/0 circle hooks. These hooks are ED™(Electroreception Deception) Coated in TS™ (Tru-Sand) or VL™ (Vibrant Lumo). Visual enticers include twin running Catch Sharks 'Coquina Sunrise' Beads snug up along the coated hooks. The NEW Catch Sharks Main mono composition is made of 40lb 100% Trik-fish Fluorocarbon leader material and leading swivel is a genuine Rosco 2/0 barrel swivel and also composed of a stainless steel rolling barrel snap swivel. Approximate length of this leader is 4'.

      This is a proven pompano leader ideal to be paired with fishbites or shrimp. Pompano feed heavily on Coquina Clams which this leader offers a presentation of. From tasty pomano to hard fighting drum and reds, this rig covers all targets of the small-bait utilization.

This item includes two (2) Coquina Sunrise POMP-Master™ leaders in Tru-Sand color hooks.