Osprey™ Drone Series - Talon - 13/0 Tru-Sand™ 10'

Osprey™ Drone Series - Talon - 13/0 Tru-Sand™ 10'
Price: $16.79


The Osprey™ Drone Series is a NEW Catch Sharks Exclusive.

      This 'Talon' drone leader is made with 400lb Ultra-Clear Industrial Grade Mono. Hook trace is made with genuine 210lb AFW Nylon Coated Surflon. Hook is an official EC Circle Sea with Catch Sharks ED™ Coated in TS™ (Tru-Sand). This drone leader is compatible with all 'servo pin' drone release mechanisms and systems. Simply attach the leader to drone via the Catch Sharks OHT (Osprey Hang Trace - located coming off the weight swivel). This is an ideal rig for depolying out a variety of small/med size baits. Perfect for baits such as mullet, whiting, or other cut bait!  Total length of this drone leader is roughly 10'.

*Catch Sharks is not responsible for actions or drone failures when using Osprey leaders on your drones. Due to the nature of drone flying AND a payload, use at your own risk.