3M White Prismatic Reflective Tape Sheets - 4 Sheets 3"x12" (for floats, camps etc)

Ultra High Grade Reflective Tape - 3M
Price: $12.95


When used specifically on shark floats, can easily be seen 800yds when beamed with a spotlight. Ideal for attaching to shark floats, boating, beach camps etc. Great for putting on PVC holders,Kayaks, Ice Chests, Camp Markers etc. Ultra-high grade 3M Micro Prismatic Tape is the most durable, highest reflective tape on the market.

3M Engineer Grade Prismatic Reflective Sheeting Series is a non-metalized micro-prismatic retroreflective sheeting. When the sun goes down use our prismatic reflective tape to accent and increase visibility to marine items, fishing gear, bikes and bike accessories, camping/outdoor equipment, pet collars/leashes, automotive and more. Use in driveway, or on items around the perimeter of your home, to illuminate objects to avoid while backing out or pulling up. When applied to properly prepared surfaces, this product can provide long-term reflectivity and durability.*

*Do not apply during cold weather. Gently remove clear film layer to expose adhesive surface. Always be sure to clean area well before application.

There are 4 sheets measuring 12"x3". Cut lengthwise and one sheet (cut into two pieces) should cover a typical Texas-style shark float. When attaching, be careful as when removing the thin protective film on the adhesive side, for it is extrmely thin. To maximize adhesiveness, use with Super 77 or similar adhesive spray.